Our Approach

We plan on keeping the best things about The Oak Motel. We already have the best location.  Right next to the Fayette County Square, The Courthouse, Shopping, The Casino Hall, History, The Colorado River, Food and Drinks.  The changes we have done is updating the Office, guest room furniture, flooring, painting. Then selling the Mobile Home and updating the yard to a more inviting experience. With room for Events and Fun.

Our Vision

This is the place we want to share with you this is what we are striving for you and your business. We are unique we have a wonderful old property in great condition and that is what’s unique about our property. We will have a mixture of old and new using some of the old to make the new. Reclaiming items and re-purposing them.  This location in this town is very different  from all others in the industry. We hope you enjoy.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, we purchased the property in June of 2017 with a goal to increase business and create a strong following. We hope to change this property from Just the Oldest Motel in town to The Place People want to Stay.  Our location is excellent the town is wonderful we know that opportunity to update, recreate and provide wonderful service will bring you to stay with us.